New Spirit Balloons is a non-profit association founded in 2010 with headquarters in Altwies. Carlo Arendt, founder and pilot, received his license in 2008, became 2015 balloon instructor to educate future pilots and is importer of the brand Kubicek.


Today New Spirit Balloons association has 7 balloons of different shape and size, including the largest in Luxembourg which can accommodate up to 12 people.

As passenger you will follow each step from the beginning to the end. Before taking off you participate in the assembly of the balloon with your pilot to discover the secret world of a balloon flight. You help by the fascinating installation when the balloon inflates like a giant.

Then comes the moment of take-off and once in the air, time seems to stand still. Float with the wind above the meadow’s green forests and Luxembourg along the Moselle and enjoy the unique charm of a balloon ride …

Our pilot is always on hand to provide information and answer your questions. After landing, we support you in Mill to celebrate this special moment with a glass of sparkling wine. Your driver will give you your baptismal certificate, which will close a day full of emotions.


Our fleet is composed of six balloons among the LX-BIG is the biggest luxembourgish balloon, an airship and gas balloons.
















Carlo Arendt obtained his balloon pilot license in 2008 and is also, since February 2015, flight instructor for future pilots. Since 2018, he is a pilot of gas balloon and airship.

Today, he is chief pilot of New Spirit Balloons ASBL, headquartered in Altwies, and only works with the Kubicek brand for balloons and their equipment.

Carlo Arendt

Since 2011, Mathieu is at the key position of Crew-Chef to assist and make the link with the pilots on the ground.

He became the first student of Carlo Arendt and passed his pilot license hot air balloon in October 2016.

Since this day he is pilot of the association New Spirit Balloons ASBL.

Mathieu Mazzolini

Tom is th second student of Carlo Arendt, with whom he spent his pilot license, he obtained in October 2018.


He is a Crew member who assists the pilot on the ground and takes part in the assembly and disassembly.


Tom Weidert